Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education

Kids Ocean Day

The children are the future. That’s not just pop song wisdom. It’s something we see in action every year working on Kids Ocean Day, a massive beach cleanup organized by the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education. Kids Ocean Day is the crowning glory of a year-long school assembly program in Los Angeles. It’s where the lessons come to life and a lifetime of environmental stewardship begins.

The campaign

In 2014, SGA helped secure media coverage for the 21st annual Kids Ocean Day. We set out to generate media interest in the event and garner publicity for its sponsors, including the City of Los Angeles, the California Coastal Commission and the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education.

Our strategy

Kids Ocean Day isn’t exactly a tough sell. Who doesn’t want to see kids at the beach picking up litter and saying amazing things about how they love dolphins and wish people would care more about the planet? But after 20 years, even the best stories need a new angle. Our key strategy for media coverage was to provide local and regional print, broadcast and online outlets with targeted ideas that would appeal to their specific communities. Stories were multi-dimensional and crafted to provide coverage before, during and after the Kids Ocean Day event. Considering the prevalent demographic of Los Angeles, we focused heavily on both a general market, Hispanic and community-based media.

What we did

SGA identified three main categories for coverage, which would work in a variety of media outlets: environment, community and special interest. We then worked with participating schools and students in different neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles to develop stories that put a human face on those categories. We coached and prepared the kids for potential media coverage.

We conducted robust media outreach that included creating press releases and press invitations, as well as working directly with journalists to develop stories, secure sources and obtain visual assets.

As in previous years, SGA organized and orchestrated a press conference at Kids Ocean Day that included local students, city officials and key sponsors.