City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department

Housing isn’t just four walls and roof. It stands for safety, education, transportation and community. The Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) knows that where we live is so much more than just an apartment, condo or house, it’s about quality of life and being part of a community.

The campaign

Recognizing that access to safe housing and other social services is at the heart of strong communities, the former Los Angeles Housing Department merged with the Community Development Department to form HCIDLA. The newly integrated department needed a comprehensive rebranding to update their logo and materials and standardize their look and feel to reflect a broader, more ambitious mission to create livable communities for residents of Los Angeles.

Our strategy

The integration of two departments with two bold missions called for one definitive logo. The logo had to honor the dedication to safe and affordable housing and also reflect the needs of growing neighborhoods to make them thrive. We worked closely with HCIDLA to develop a creative vision for the new department and a strategy to integrate existing materials under a single look and tone.

What we did

We helped HCIDLA navigate through the choices about color, tone, voice, key elements for a logo and other branding materials. We drafted a branding portfolio that could be shared throughout the entire department to help staff feel unified and buy-into the new brand. Then we got to work, creating new logos, branded programs and a video introducing the new look and ethos of HCIDLA.