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3 Great Communication Lessons

Last weekend I was down on Belmont Shore eating lunch with my family, when, all of a sudden, throngs of people with baby blue and white stripped soccer jerseys started piling into the bar. Argentina was about to play and the fans were amassing.

Not sure if you have caught it yet, but World Cup fever is spreading.

It’s the excitement of March Madness wrapped up in the feel of the Olympics (but on steroids). Since I grew up playing soccer and am addicted to watching, I find the World Cup an amazing study of human behavior with all kinds of lessons to be gleaned as it applies to communications and marketing. Here are my favorite three: Read More

Chilean 3-D Bassprinting

3-D printing is amazing. If you don’t know, basically what happens is you input the plans for a product ranging from a handgun to a pizza, then this magical incredible future device actually creates it! NASA is working on them, the military, the medical world, toy manufacturers – the list is only going to grow – these machines are true game-changers in the way that just about everybody who understands them is looking at how to use them. Whether it’s two years or twenty, sooner or later, these puppies will be the new normal.

And yet, if you’re like most US citizens, you think Google Glass is the game changing tech thing underway right now. Google Glass, whose entire purpose is to make it even easier to use the internet and technology than it already is – and let’s be real, it’s pretty easy to use already – is getting way more press than the literal ability to create whole complicated things like a car out of an unmanned machine.

Phone-that-you-can-wear-on-your-head v. Magic Box.

And Face-Phone is winning.


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