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The Secret to Creating Creativity

Most of us have a clear idea of where we fall on the creativity spectrum. On the long journey from papier mache to professional, we figure out if we’re more actuary than Matisse or closer to concert pianist than astrophysicist.

While most of us accept our spot on the scale, researchers in Poland wanted to find out why there were such differences in creativity among people. Their study, which was published in Creativity Research Journal, compared 60 bank tellers and 60 artists on two points: temperament and divergent thinking.

In a nutshell, temperament is part of your innate personality. It includes things like introversion or extraversion and attention and persistence. Divergent thinking, which can be learned and improved during your life, is the process of generating ideas by exploring different options or solutions. It’s how your mind would answer a question such as:

How many uses can you make of a toothpick? Read More

The Secret to Online Conversions

Here are some great tips that could be applied to any website if you’re interested in increasing engagement with your visitors. Some of the so-called tricks of the trade to ensure that a visit results in a sale, according to this article, sound nefarious. I nearly got disgusted reading ways e-commerce sites avoid using dollar signs to get us to spend more (and manipulating the size of the typeface in which the price is presented to make it appear like a smaller amount than it really is.)

I was surprised that the findings in this study pointed to menus with no dollar signs resulting in restaurant patrons spending more than those who were given menus with dollar signs. Note to self: I’ll have to catch myself next time I go out to eat.

Now, conversion for us doesn’t mean pressing that “Make purchase” button. However, the tips to make it as easy as possible for users to take an action online – whether that be opting in by giving an email or making a pledge – is extremely relevant to our work around community-based social marketing to change behavior for the better. Read More

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